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About Kimberli

"Kimberli Boyd has that rare mix of talent and proficiency as a teacher and artist…She always demonstrated her respect for young people, and she expected students to respect the power of dance”

-Beth Delforge, Program Leader, Gloucester Public Schools, MA

KB The Woman

I have always moved.  

In  classes; in performance; around the country;  around the world.

As a performing artist & choreographer, I dance to express myself creatively;

As a student, moving helped me to grasp and to understand  lessons  more deeply; 

I have witnessed in others and experienced for myself the  power of movement and dance as a transformative healing modality.

I have moved all my life, and made a life for myself by moving.

This is my passion - 


KB The Educator

Through her original body of work, “Reaching the Kinesthetic Learner though Movement and Creative Dance,  Kimberli has reached thousands.  Her workshops for students and professional educators (pre K thru 12 and beyond) integrate basic elements and principles of dance with best practices in teaching and learning.  The result is a simple yet dynamic and highly effective approach to enhancing critical thinking skills, literacy, and creativity in core subject areas such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and more.

KB Community Wellness Advocate

Kimberli received her training as a yoga teacher through the Yoga Shelter’s comprehensive certificate program -- over 200 hundred hours of Life/Teacher Training under the direction of Yoga Shelter founder and creator of “Sanga Yoga,” Eric Paskel, in 2006.  Since that time, Kimberli has led yoga experiences through private sessions for groups and individuals, at retreats, for public school educational staff, and at various health and wellness events throughout metropolitan Detroit.

KB The Artist

“The performer, Kimberli Boyd, is truly gifted…She knows how to make direct, intimate contact with the audience immediately.” 

(Nancy Golder, Philadelphia Inquirer)

“I learned that I could communicate and express my feelings and thoughts through dancing”

(Middle School student)

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