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Angel Johnson  
Executive Administrative Partner
Dancing Between The Lines | Legal | Logistics 

Angel Johnson, a native of Chicago, has always had a keen eye for attention to details. Angel has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & an MBA in Global Business Management. With over 25 years experience in certified executive business coaching & management; Angel has been instrumental in the growth of many business corporations across the nation. 

Angel is also a graduate of the Academy of Court Reporting; with an expertise in legal research and legal contracts/documents, these useful tools were successful in building and maintaining a career in Executive Business Coaching & entertainment Management.  

Angel spent some time working and teaching children with Behavior Disorders from 1-12 grades for 6 years in a special education program. This opened her eyes to see many different ways children could learn on various levels. 

Angel and Kimberli  have built and unbreakable working and personal bond/partnership that constantly creates a humble energy of growth for everyone they come in contact with. The communities they reach worldwide are grateful and eagerly anticipating their next visit.

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