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RKL is the brand for Kimberli’s original body of work, “Reaching the Kinesthetic Learner through Movement & Creative Dance.”

RKL is a dynamic and highly effective approach to teaching and learning. It enhances critical thinking skills, literacy, and creativity in core subject areas across the curriculum.


The Kennedy Center describes Arts Integration as…

An APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM… 


RKL as an Arts Integration methodology identifies the natural connections between elements and principles of dance and key concepts in other subject areas.


Through RKL, students engage in a series of creative processes that connect dance and other subject areas - meeting evolving objectives in both.


Reaching the Kinesthetic Learner through Movement & Creative Dance is a dynamic and highly effective approach to Increasing student engagement - Improving student understanding - Raising test scores


Through her original body of work, “Reaching the Kinesthetic Learner though Movement and Creative Dance,  Kimberli has reached thousands.  Her workshops for students and professional educators (pre K through 12 and beyond) integrate basic elements and principles of dance with best practices in teaching and learning.  


  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Coaching for Educators 

  • Mentorship

  • Training for Teaching Artists

  • Student Workshops

  • Residencies


  • Reaching the Kinesthetic Learner Across the Curriculum K - 12



  • Learning to Move - Moving to Learn

  • K-2 Moving through Science

  • grades 3-8


  • Dance COUNTS, Math MOVES

  • Fractions in Action

  • Transforming Geometry


English Language Arts

  • DANCE Me a Story

  • Write to DANCE

  • Moving Free Verse Poetry, Metaphor & Simile


History | Social Studies

  • Invisible Tracks

  • Moving to Harlem

  • Responding to Visual Art through Movement & Creative Dance 

National Affiliations

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

National Workshop Presenter | National Seminar Leader


Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival: Curriculum in Motion

Lead Teaching Artist

Living Arts Detroit Wolf Trap

Master Teaching Artist


Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts

National Workshop Presenter



International Affiliations


U. S. Fulbright Specialist, 2019 grant recipient to Trinidad and Tobago

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